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February 19, 2009

Hey Ruby,
Here are my comments… take what you will. I do not claim to be an expert, just a girl with an opinion.
I love it! I think they will too!

Thank you so much, Bee. Great edits as usual.
Going submit it tonight. Fingers crossed.

PS- girls with opinions- my favorite kind


January 22, 2009

I just ordered another roll of Epson Ultra Smooth Fine Art paper for printing. $109.00 for 17″x50′. I get 15 – 39 x 13.25″ prints per roll. It is interesting to me how the media/materials impact the process. I have always found this aspect of technology facinating. For instance the 8.5 x 11″ page is directly related to the size of an average sheep skin (parchment). The Gutenberg  Bible was printed on parchment. Likewise our modern road width is directly related to the width of Roman roads (passable by 2 oxen pulling a cart). I have often thought of my minivan as an oxen cart.

Various notes about printing.

  • Epson 2200 printer – $700 purchased 2005 with MSAC grant award money
  • 39 x 13.25 print materials cost
    $7.70 print (1/15th roll of paper) +  4.20 (1/15 th of cost of set of inks)
  • Time to print out one 39 x 13.25 print  – 40 minutes
    NOTE: this does not include: image gathering, digital manipulation, test printing or handwork

January 22, 2009

Hi Jason,
I am preparing for  my upcoming exhibition at School 33 (3/12-4/11), and I have a few questions.

  • I would like to prepare a press release.

Do you have a press release sample I can use in order to follow your format? I have one of my own, but I can use yours if you prefer.
Also do you have a current list of contacts you would like me to send the press releases to?

  • I am preparing a postcard or brochure for the exhibition (I am getting estimates on this right now).

Do you have a mailing list I could use?
Can you tell me the number of addresses you have on your list?
Can you give me a sense of what it would cost to do a bulk mailing of your list?
If I were to pay for the mailing (provided I can afford it) would the School33 office be able to supply labels and assist me with the labeling?

  • These are the dates I have tentatively set out for the exhibition. Do these work for you?

Install exhibition Saturday 3/7 and possibly 3/8 if required. Installation should only take 3-4 hours.
Opening reception 3-5 PM Saturday March 14
De-install exhibition 4/14.


January 20, 2009


This is just the preliminary… I still have drawing/painting to do. ~bee

January 12, 2009

recent tweets

My approach to this body of work is different in that I have a bit more time to focus on the process. My efforts come in more steady bursts. I am like a cat circling around its bed making its bed Just right before committing to a specific position to rest. Rich is encouraging me to write more about the process as a matter of record. I am using the sketchbook Ruby brought me from her trip.