Image for the website

February 19, 2009

I submitted the image posted below diptych: shoemakers’ tan as the image for the School 33 webiste.diptych: shoemakers tan


January 20, 2009


This is just the preliminary… I still have drawing/painting to do. ~bee

To learn how to die…

January 14, 2009

To learn how to die cut down a tree,
Watch how so many years fall.
You don’t need to have planted it for it to be your life.

You know countless trees have grown
and will grow where this tree falls

Everyone alive now will be underground
and will have gone from roots, branches and leaves
to roots, branches and leaves many times.

You’ve seen how the seed of a tree
can rise from the pit of a stump.

Wherever your feet touch earth
you know you are touching
where something has died or been born

Count the rings and stand on the stump and stretch your arms
to the sky.
Think only because it was cut down you could do this.
You are standing where no one has stood
but the dark inside a life
that many years.