January 22, 2009

I just ordered another roll of Epson Ultra Smooth Fine Art paper for printing. $109.00 for 17″x50′. I get 15 – 39 x 13.25″ prints per roll. It is interesting to me how the media/materials impact the process. I have always found this aspect of technology facinating. For instance the 8.5 x 11″ page is directly related to the size of an average sheep skin (parchment). The Gutenberg  Bible was printed on parchment. Likewise our modern road width is directly related to the width of Roman roads (passable by 2 oxen pulling a cart). I have often thought of my minivan as an oxen cart.

Various notes about printing.

  • Epson 2200 printer – $700 purchased 2005 with MSAC grant award money
  • 39 x 13.25 print materials cost
    $7.70 print (1/15th roll of paper) +  4.20 (1/15 th of cost of set of inks)
  • Time to print out one 39 x 13.25 print  – 40 minutes
    NOTE: this does not include: image gathering, digital manipulation, test printing or handwork

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  1. Ruby Says:

    love these equivalencies/connections/origins, I didn’t know these

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