January 22, 2009

Hi Jason,
I am preparing for  my upcoming exhibition at School 33 (3/12-4/11), and I have a few questions.

  • I would like to prepare a press release.

Do you have a press release sample I can use in order to follow your format? I have one of my own, but I can use yours if you prefer.
Also do you have a current list of contacts you would like me to send the press releases to?

  • I am preparing a postcard or brochure for the exhibition (I am getting estimates on this right now).

Do you have a mailing list I could use?
Can you tell me the number of addresses you have on your list?
Can you give me a sense of what it would cost to do a bulk mailing of your list?
If I were to pay for the mailing (provided I can afford it) would the School33 office be able to supply labels and assist me with the labeling?

  • These are the dates I have tentatively set out for the exhibition. Do these work for you?

Install exhibition Saturday 3/7 and possibly 3/8 if required. Installation should only take 3-4 hours.
Opening reception 3-5 PM Saturday March 14
De-install exhibition 4/14.



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